Jay C Lohmann

Born in 1962

BA, Philosophy Religious Studies,  Fordham University New York, N.Y.  1990

Jay C. Lohmann is a many faceted artist based in Milan.

“ As part of a continued effort to resolve the inconsistencies of my intimate world, I find that my art seeks to answer the questions I am constantly asking myself. Why am I here, and what is my purpose? Where does my passion lie and what has meaning? Most important, what role does art and creativity play in unearthing substantive answers to these inquiries? The only moment when these questions are silenced is when I am creating something — I am at peace when I am lost in the act of creativity.

We live in a superficial, chaotic world that’s increasingly disconnected and where gratification is instantaneous yet fleeting. Nothing real lasts longer than a camera’s flash. My only assurance of something concrete comes from my contact with the creative process and the interpersonal relationships that evolve from this.

Though I know my art will not persist in time, perhaps it may send out an echo of my being that is eternal”.


2018  “Witness”, Fabricator for Karyn Olivier, University of Kentucky Memorial Hall, Lexington KY

2018  999 Domande, Ilari, 12 January, Triennale Milano

2016  Form No Form,  Snapshot of Three Generations of Artists.  Saloman Arts Gallery, New York, NY

2016   Italia vs America,  Spazio TID,  Baranzate,  Milano, Italy

2016    Residence:  Studio Aperti  1,2,3 July,  12 Edition,  Ameno,  Lago D’Orta,  Italy

2016    “COntamiNATION” Pau design collective,  Salone dei Mobile Milano,  Milano

2015   “No.Body” Mostrami factory , Fondazione Bracco, Milano

2015    Mostra Bipersonale “No.Body” atelier Ovunque, via Roccaforte, Catania

2015    Mostra Bipersonale “No.Body” galleria gli eroici furori, Milano

2015    Mostra Bipersonale “No.Body” spazio Make Make, Roma

2014    Manifesta 10.  European Biennial, St. Petersburg, Russia

2013    Armory Arts Week, Salomon Arts New York, NY

2012    Armory Arts Week, Salomon Arts New York, NY

2012    With Love From Rome, La Fragilita della Communicazione, Roma, IT

2011    With Deepest Regards, La Fragilita della Communicazione, Milano IT

2010    JUMP Just Unusual Metropolitan Pop,  Cantiere Ex Cinema,  Milano, IT

2010    Saloman Arts Gallery,  Miss Me    New York, NY

2009    Saloman Arts Gallery,  Absrtaction Representation  New York, NY

2008    Moti Hasson Gallery,  HIV Law Project, New York, NY

2007    Silas Marder Gallery ,  The Big Show  Bridgehampton, NY

2007    Moti Hasson Gallery, HIV Law Project, New York, NY

2003    Spazio Piranesi, Illuminated, Milano, IT

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